Master PGP for your team

Implement best security practices and demonstrate your team’s expertise with PGP.

Screenshots of signed emails and code commits.

Supporting PGP in a team is time consuming and error‑prone

The steep learning curve means supporting new team members is time consuming and costly.

Keys get out of sync, leading to confusing errors. Verifying, retrieving and refreshing keys is a repetitive, manual process.

A lack of agreed best practice means lots of keys use old, insecure algorithms. Auditing a team’s keys often gets forgotten.

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Automate PGP for stronger, simpler security

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Onboard new team members

Guide new starters through generating a key, creating encrypted backups and revocation certificates.

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Keep your team in sync

Automatically update keys and sync across the team. Starters and leavers are added and removed seamlessly.

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Audit keys against best practice

Use strong ciphers, short expiries and clear certification policies on all the teams' keys.

Icon for an imposter

Look out for imposters!

Get alerted for any new keys claiming to be @yourdomain.com

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Enforce Github signed commits

Monitor code repositories to ensure all code is correctly signed.

Icon for a key with an expiry date

Rotate keys periodically

Automatically generate new encryption keys every quarter for forward secrecy.

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