⚠️ Fluidkeys is no longer maintained. This page is kept for posterity.


Send encrypted secrets

Keep sensitive information out of your email and slack logs. With Fluidkeys you can send passwords and secrets using OpenPGP encryption, straight from the terminal.

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🔐 Zero knowledge. Built on OpenPGP

We can't read your secrets, not even filenames. When you send a secret, it's encrypted to the other person's public key and sent via our server. This end-to-end encryption is based on the OpenPGP standard.

💯 Open source

Client and server licensed under AGPL.
Built in Go, a modern, safe language.
Secured by OpenPGP, a battle tested standard.

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🛠 Works with other software

With Fluidkeys Recipes your team can do even more with PGP. It's simpler to encrypt email, sign git commits, encrypt code and store team passwords.

Fluidkeys automatically stores your team's keys in GnuPG, anything that uses this works more smoothly with Fluidkeys.

Keep secrets out of Slack

We often need to share passwords, tokens and certificates around the team. We know we shouldn't, but sometimes these end up on Slack or email.

Who knows where our sensitive data ends up, waiting for the next breach?

With end-to-end encryption we can be confident that even in a data breach, our secrets will be safe.

Fluidkeys makes it simple to start sending end-to-end encrypted secrets in your organisation.

Our progress

  • Get started with OpenPGP (v0.1)

You can now create a best practice PGP key from the command line. Fluidkeys backs it up and pushes it into GnuPG so you can start using it right away.

Level up your legacy keys (v0.2)

  • Connect Fluidkeys to your existing key in GnuPG
  • Fix issues like weak signatures and out of date preferences
  • Automatically rotate your encryption subkey to limit the impact of key compromise

Send encrypted secrets (v0.3)

  • Send and receive passwords, token and certificates right from the command line
  • End-to-end encrypt secrets so only the recipient can read them
  • Automatically fetch public keys from a verified email address
  • Send encrypted files (v0.4)

You’ll be able to send private keys, certificates, and other sensitive text files from the terminal.

  • Simple PGP for teams (v1.0)

Add and remove team members and their keys will be automatically synchronised across the whole team.

  • More usable, more reliable (v1.1)

Set up a team even more easily and benefit from more reliable background tasks.

  • Verify the author of the secret

  • Be certain the secret you're receiving came from someone on your team

  • Send large sensitive files

  • You can send files of any size to team mates from the command line. Fluidkeys will handle the encryption, delivery and verify that the file arrived ok.

  • Integrate with Slack

  • You can use the convenience of Slack with the added protection of end to end encryption. You’ll no longer have to worry about Slack’s security.

  • Send from the command-line to a web link

Send secrets to less technical members of your team

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Keep your team's sensitive information safe

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Open source
  • Straight from the command-line