⚠️ Fluidkeys is no longer maintained. This page is kept for posterity.


Our mission

We are building a future where companies respect their customers and users.

We do this by making it simple for them to adopt technology and practices that protect personal information.

We build beautifully simple security software for teams.

We’re (almost) a non-profit

We have an honest business model where companies pay us for the service we provide.

We’re in the process of incorporating as a UK non-profit. This compels us to put our mission before profit. We believe this is a good way to keep ourselves honest to our mission.

About us

Alongside building Fluidkeys, Paul and Ian run a Tor node and maintain a bot that reminds you if your PGP key is about to expire

Previously they’ve run cryptoparties at the UK’s largest consumer Co-op and helped setup a gym that puts people’s physical energy to use in their local communities.

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