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Automate PGP for your team

Fluidkeys makes it simple to use PGP in a team. Set up the team then let Fluidkeys automatically discover keys, fetch updates and configure third party software.

Bootstrap your team from Github

Set up your team in no time, importing existing usernames, email addresses and public keys from people in your Github organisation. Sign the team roster and you're ready to go.

Quickly onboard new team members

Creating a PGP key for the first time is simple. With secure defaults and no difficult questions, new team members can start encrypting in under 5 minutes.

Cryptographically verify new team members

Only team admins can update the team roster, using their own key to sign the list.

Fluidkeys verifies the team roster client-side, rejecting unauthorized changes.

Rotate encryption keys each month

For forward secrecy, Fluidkeys creates a new encryption subkey each month, pushing the updated public key to the rest of the team.

Publish to our secure, private keyserver

Choose whether to make team keys and email addresses private or open. Fluidkeys' modern keyserver verifies email addresses before accepting keys, preventing spoofing attacks.

Find keys by email address safely

The team roster is a list of email addresses linked to keys and cryptographically signed by the admin. Fluidkeys makes it easy to create and maintain the roster.

Everyone has a local copy of the team roster. Fluidkeys uses it to find a verified key for a given email address.

Publish keys using Web Key Directory

Allow anyone on the internet to find your team's keys using only their email address. Fluidkeys makes keys discoverable through the open Web Key Directory protocol.

Integrate with third-party apps

Use your favourite GnuPG-based tools like pass, git-crypt, Mailvelope and Enigmail. Fluidkeys can configure those tools to update automatically when the team list changes.