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12 October 2018

Week 10, We put on a Digital Self Defence class!

Recap: we’re building a tool that makes it easy for software teams to implement great security across their organisations. We’re currently coding a command line application that’ll be a foundation for further functionality.

This week

I’ve been on the road a bit this week, across to Liverpool to see Paul, then down to London to meet a few folk and get feedback on what we’re up to. Thank you Bethnal Green Ventures for letting me work from your base yesterday!

We put on a Digital Self Defence class

On Tuesday evening Paul and I put on a free digital self defence class. We wanted to teach people some moves that could help them counter Facebook’s pervasive tracking.

We made up three exercises that showed people how Facebook track you across the whole of the web, know how you spend your money, and know about all your relationships.

We also made a deck of six cards, each with a move you could use against Facebook. They encourage you to do stuff like mix up your email address or block browser tracking.

It was a lovely evening with lots of interesting chat, as you might imagine. Thank you Lisa for helping run it with us! In respect of people’s privacy, we didn’t take photos, but here’s one of the prototype cards:

Three of the self defence cards

More work on Fluidkeys

Amidst all that fun, we’ve been continuing to beaver away trying to get towards our 0.2 release of Fluidkeys. This’ll allow you to rotate your keys, and improve their preferences.

We’ll have more to show you on where we’ve got to with that next week.

Until then, have a lovely weekend.


All feedback is welcome, pop us an email to hello@fluidkeys.com

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