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9 November 2018

Week 14: Want to use Fluidkeys in your team?

Protecting liberty by simplifying security

Recap: We’re building Fluidkeys to make it easy for teams to implement great security across their organisations.

This week

We’ve decided to pin the price of Fluidkeys to the size of team, not on features.

We also plan to offer it for free or discounted to eligible NGOs / open source projects.

We then interviewed 4 people about how their currently using PGP in their organisations. We’re still trying to learn whether there’s value enough in Fluidkeys as a piece of software that “just makes PGP work”, or whether we need to make it do things like configure Git or Thunderbird / Enigmail for you too.

To test this we used some screenshots of how this could look.

Here’s how it could make using PGP in your team easier:

Screenshots of how to join a team on Fluidkeys

Screenshots of how an admin can manage their team

And here’s some of the other things it might configure (like Git, or Email):

Screenshots of how Fluidkeys could verify your Git commits

Screenshots of how Fluidkeys could just make encryption work

Next week, I’m going to turn those sketches into a revised landing page, and measure see what draws peoples attention.

Want to test Fluidkeys in your team?

We’ve contacted a few teams to see if they’re up for testing it with us once it’s ready in a few weeks.

What it’ll do for you:

Then automatically:

Do you want a go? Let me know! 🙌

See you next week!


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