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8 March 2019

Week 31: A new homepage for our upcoming v1 release

Recap: Fluidkeys makes PGP simple for engineering teams. It helps you safeguard your source code and protect passwords, secrets and personal data.

The short version

We were over-ambitious last week and didn’t achieve both our goals unfortunately.

That said, we got a lot done, and we’re steaming ahead to our next release in 18 days…

We designed a new homepage for Fluidkeys v1

With our v1 release coming up, we had a good incentive to revamp the homepage of our site a little. It’s been a while since we built it and, although we’ve iterated it a little, we felt it was time to focus it tightly on our upcoming release, v1.

Ian did what he did best, and got down the (literal) drawing board. I love his illustrations depicting the pain people feel when trying to use PGP. (And fortunately they tested well on others too, not just me!)

In the process I got frustrated with our static site framework middleman and, throwing my toys out of the pram, spent an hour evaluating if we can port the site the Hugo. We can. Good riddance, middleman and your splurge of dependencies.

If you’re reading this at the end of the day, the new site should be live ;)


As usual, we’d love your feedback on the new site.

We built most of fk authorize

When someone tries to join a team, their team admin has to authorize that they can join. We built most of that, but I promise we’ll have something more interesting to show next week!

We wrote our articles of association

This was actually quite fun!

We felt it was important to encode the values we care about into the founding document of the company. We’ve built in a nod to the elusive “radical transparency” (of which doing weeknotes is a part).

We also refer to a set of principles that we will publish, maintain and follow.

Our mission is to build a world where organisations respect their users. In particular, we want to make it simple to protect personal information. But what does respecting users actually mean? And how far do we take the concept of “protecting personal information”?

We’ve got a section for that in the articles: we’re committing to publishing, maintaining and operating the company according to a set of principles. We hope to make these accessible and practical enough that others can enshrine them into their organisations too.

If you’re are geeky about governance as we are, please feel free to dive in and comment, the draft articles are public:

Draft articles of association on Google Docs

Next week

Next week we will finish the join, authorize and sync flow so people can actually join a team!

As ever, if you’ve got any thoughts or feedback, we’re all ears.

Have a lovely weekend,

— Paul

All feedback is welcome, pop us an email to hello@fluidkeys.com

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