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29 March 2019

Week 34: Releasing v1.0 and being on FLOSS weekly 📻

Recap: Fluidkeys makes PGP simple for engineering teams. It helps you safeguard your source code and protect passwords, secrets and personal data.

The short version

Phew. That was quite a week.

Version 1 was released on Tuesday

Having finished almost all the dev last week we spent Monday doing a last pass through the app, tidying up some bits here and there.

On Tuesday, we hit the button and v.1 of Fluidkeys is out there! Paul did a great job writing the accompanying release note, so I won’t repeat it here.

Thanks to every that shared the news, it’s been fun seeing people download it and start setting up their team. It feels like it’s been a while coming. Now the fun really begins…

We appeared on FLOSS weekly on Wednesday

Then on Wednesday we were interviewed on FLOSS Weekly by Randal Schwartz and Simon Phipps. I really enjoyed it and was suprised by how we got into speaking about how we work as a remote team. Simon questioned us about how we intend to make a business model on top of purely AGPL licensed code and it got us thinking and sharpening our explanation. You can expect more on that in coming weeks… I still stand by what I said though: our biggest risk right now isn’t someone copying our code and not paying for it, our biggest risk is being irrelevant!

A screengrab of Paul and Ian being interviewed on FLOSS weekly

If you want more, you can listen back here 📻 (58 mins)

Thursday and Friday we started on our docs

Following that start to the week we were wiped come Thursday. We started that day reviewing our urls, titles and descriptions for each page we have on fluidkeys.com and sharpening. I was alarmed to see our description on the home page was blank! This stuff is important as it’s what people see when searching around Google. We now look a bit more like this:

A screengrab Fluidkeys appearing on Google

To finish up, we’ve spent the last couple of days starting to write some documentation. Our theory is that by writing great guides, with very specific titles that appeal to Google Searches, people will discover Fluidkeys and use it to make their life managing PGP easier in a team. The first two we’ve written are how to use pass, the standard UNIX password tool, to manage your team’s passwords and get your team up and running with PGP.

Next week

Our goal for next week is to simply enjoy the Internet Freedom Festival! It’ll be my second time and Paul’s fourth at the Festival in Valencia!

The Internet Freedom Festival is the only organization focused entirely in community development for the Internet Freedom field. We design programs and tools to bring together the eclectic plethora of activist groups, NGOs, governmental agencies, media organizations, large internet platforms, and many others who rely on each other to achieve the common goal of a free and open internet for all.

On the Monday we’re hosting a developer meetup there for technical folk to come together and get to know each other a bit more. Then throughout the week we’ll be talking to people about Fluidkeys and participating in a jam packed schedule of events. Last time we were there, we started cooking up ideas for what went on to become Expiry Bot and to some extent Fluidkeys, who knows where it might take us this time! ☀️

— Ian

All feedback is welcome, pop us an email to hello@fluidkeys.com

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