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10 May 2019

Week 40: Released 1.1

Recap: Fluidkeys makes PGP simple for engineering teams. It helps you safeguard your source code and protect passwords, secrets and personal data.

The short version

We released v1.1 to improve usability and reliability

This week’s main news was that we released v1.1.

This release solves a few headaches we’ve been having on macOS, and makes it much smoother to set up a team.

Thanks to those teams who are trialling Fluidkeys, giving us great feedback, and staying patient!

We made it possible to modify a team

Fingers crossed, by the end of the day we’ll have finished fk team edit. This allows teams to remove people and promote and demote team members as administrators.

Reminder: teams in Fluidkeys are defined by a cryptographically signed file. Only a team admin can change the team, not even we can do that. This is excellent for security, but the flipside is that it takes a little longer to build this stuff than writing a simple database query.

Next week: pass MVP

Our next release (18th June) will support pass and git-crypt, making those tools easier to set up and use with your team.

Pass is an open source password manager. You can already use it with Fluidkeys but each person has to do some manual steps.

Next week we’ll build the first version of Fluidkeys that starts to work with pass.

— Paul

All feedback is welcome, pop us an email to hello@fluidkeys.com

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