⚠️ Fluidkeys is no longer maintained. This page is kept for posterity.


Deleting a team in Fluidkeys

Change into the teams directory

cd into the teams directory and check for the team subdirectory:

cd $HOME/.config/fluidkeys/teams
└── kiffix-5ad2176d-1980-41d2-b708-8f99202c409a
    ├── roster.toml
    └── roster.toml.asc

1 directory, 2 files

You should see one directory listed for the team, containing the roster.toml and signature roster.toml.asc as above.

Email us to delete the team from the server

Email help@fluidkeys.com with the name of the team and the UUID (kiffix-5ad2176d-1980-41d2-b708-8f99202c409a in the example above) and we’ll delete the team from the server.

Delete the team locally

Delete the directory that stores the team’s roster.toml:

rm -r $HOME/.config/fluidkeys/teams/<YOUR-TEAM-DIRECTORY>

You can confirm this has worked by running fk status. You should see a warning alerting you to the fact you’re no longer in a team. Success!

Tell everyone else to delete this team directory

Everyone on the team will have to delete the team directory to join another team

Tell them to run:

rm -r $HOME/.config/fluidkeys/teams/<YOUR-TEAM-DIRECTORY>

That’s it, you’re done.