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Use other popular tools

Fluidkeys works with any tool that uses GnuPG. Once your team is set up, their keys will be automatically pushed into GnuPG, ensuring other tools can access those keys.

Store team passwords & secrets in pass

pass, the unix password manager, uses GnuPG to encrypt passwords and git to synchronise them.

Create a team subfolder for shared secrets and Fluidkeys can keep the .gpg-id up to date with the most recent team list.

Encrypt files in git repos with git-crypt

Store deployment secrets alongside source code in git.
git-crypt uses GnuPG to encrypt and decrypt certain files in a repo.

Configure Fluidkeys for each repo and it will keep the .git-crypt directory up to date with the most recent team list.

Encrypt and sign emails

Protect sensitive emails using Mailvelope, Enigmail or GPGMail.

Fluidkeys handles key exchange and configuration to eliminate any manual setup.

Ensure others can find your keys

Fluidkeys can publish the team's keys using the open Web Key Directory protocol.

Other people sending you encrypted email can find your keys automatically.