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21 September 2018

Week 7, Patterns for PGP in teams

I’ll keep it short this week…

We got plenty of excellent feedback on the technical detail of how we see key rotation working in Fluidkeys that we shared last week. Thank you all for that! It’s nice to know there are people out there that care about this stuff and who are up for taking the time to think it through with us. 🙏

We’re cracking on with v0.2 and have been deep in the bowels of GPG and Go. Having identified a bunch of warnings about a key, we’re now translating those into actions that Fluidkeys can take to remedy them. Hopefully we’ll have something for you to play with next week.

We worked together from Manchester on Tuesday. This meant we got to have lunch with the old DPR crew. 💗

Oh, and we’ve started writing a series of patterns for how we think you should use PGP as part of your team. I’ve begun documenting how you can implement these patterns today using GnuPG…. But good grief, it’s far from easy! 🤢 It’s no wonder people give up on it all!

Lastly, two related tidbits:

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